Did you know that 1 in every 6 couples in the US are considered to be Infertile? Acupuncture and Herbs are non-invasive, holistic methods that have been used to successfully treat fertility issues dating back to the Sui Dynasty (589 CE).

Even by today’s standards, these ancient methods have surprisingly high success rates.

Some of the most common factors affecting fertility are:

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Implantation Difficulties
  • Scarring from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Advanced Ovarian Age
  • Hormone and Thyroid imbalances
  • Sperm Abnormalities

In addition to treating the above mentioned conditions, Acupuncture and Herbs can:

  • Increase thickness and quality of uterine lining to promote implantation
  • Naturally establish menstrual cycle regularity
  • Balance hormone levels to promote strong healthy ovulation
  • Improve egg quality and number of follicles produced
  • Improve sperm count, quality, and motility
  • Unblock/relax spasm in fallopian tubes
  • Reduce chance of miscarriage
  • Increase libido and restore a sense of deep relaxation in mind and body

When a couple has trouble with conception, men may also seek the assistance of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Studies of men utilizing acupuncture have demonstrated increases in both quality and quantity of sperm produced.

Acupuncture can also help once a woman has become pregnant. These include:

  • Morning Sickness
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Back Ache
  • Correction of Breech Birth Bresentation
  • Labor Induction

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